Epic Management Group, LLC formed in 2003 to provide comprehensive marketing, management and consulting services to medical practices. Epic Management's core executive team has over a decade of proven experience and expertise in all facets of the health care management industry, with a specific emphasis on strengthening the business models of medical practices, physician specialists, medical centers and outpatient imaging facilities.

We know that the medical market is in a state of change and upheaval. It's going to take careful planning and solid solutions to be competitive, unique and vital. We have focused our skills, knowledge and experience on discovering and developing factors which help make medical centers better and more economically sound. Our desire and goal is to bring these solutions to our clients, assisting them in making their practices more organized, efficient and profitable.


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Imaging Center Health Report (new!!)

Dependable and accurate information is crucial to the success of any decision.
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Revenue Cycle Management We manage your entire account receivable from beginning to end using our advanced system

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